Ute Creek Storage provides industrial storage and staging in the Eagle-Vail Valley. Our tenants include construction, landscaping, masonry, roofing and many other business. It is the only facility convenient to all parts of Eagle County while complying with the storage ban of such equipment from the valley “scenic corridor”.

We provide lots from 1/4 to 1 acre (and above). All lots are leveled with a gravel base. The facility is secured with an automatic gate and camera surveillance. Power is available on most lots.

We also provide green operations that include recycling and composting. Our grub dump provides quality landscaping top soil. And our recycled concrete road bed gravel is one of the few construction products that has been created in the valley with a minimum of transportation, an asset to any LEEDS score for your project.

We are proud of the industrial community that resides in our park. We look forward serving you.