Approved and platted in 1996, the Ute Creek Industrial Storage P.U.D. was created to address the need for industrial storage and staging in the Eagle-Vail Valley. In 1995 Eagle County officials approached the Jouflas family to create a facility that could contain the construction, landscaping and other equipment from the valley floor and relocate them to a convenient yet unobtrusive place. The county had previously implemented a ban of such equipment from the valley “scenic corridor”. The resulting facility contained 49.7 leasable acres divided into 11 Lots (average 5 acres in size) with 19.1 acres of open space. In 2000 power was brought to the yard allowing tenants access for their individual lots.
An expansion of the planned unit development was initiated with the county. The property has been consistently leased near capacity for a number of years. Over time the large lot size did not reflect client usage and market demand, and as a result most of the large lots have been sub leased into 1 acre parcels. The entitlement process was initiated and is now nearing completion. This expansion will assist in the evolution of the property away from simple storage to industrial business operations that include recycling and composting. The following will be implemented with the expansion:

  • 44 Lots and 47.7 acres of open space
  • Available water (non-potable)
  • Security and control of daily operations (Gated Access)
  • Stricter P.U.D. Guidelines
  • Potential “green” industries:
    • A solar array lot (9+ acres)
    • Recycling
    • Composting

This website provides information for potential business tenants and well as a communication portal for the Ute Creek Storage (UCS) community.